Thursday, September 27, 2012

Other People Have Needs?

One of the social workers is an older lady who seems uncaring.  I think she's rough around the edges and has been around long enough to see the problems with the system she has to work within to help people, who often do everything in their power to sabotage themselves.

I was able to see her in action in a patient planning meeting.  Because I float, I miss the day-to-day happenings.  This particular patient had been really annoying me that day with non-stop requests for random objects as well as reports about other patients and staff members who were causing her distress.  At the meeting, this social worker told her that she was being discharged next week.  The patient objected.

The social worker asked for reasons why the discharge should not proceed.  The patient hesitated a bit, but then let her inner self show:  She does not like her family because they are poor.  They were rich in the country where they used to live, but they are poor now, so she would rather live in the hospital.  They don't serve her the meals that she specifies.  They want her to get out of the house everyday to attend adult daycare or work at a job.  They won't let her go shopping.

The social worker went at her:  You don't work.  Whose money were you planning on spending when you shop?  Why shouldn't you go to work?  You look down on your family because they are poor, but they work for what they have, unlike you, who refuses to work and expects other people to pay for her wishes.  If you want a hot meal of your choosing, cook it yourself!  If you were so rich and respected in your previous country, then go back there.

The social worker was saying this in a confrontational, but enlightening manner.  The patient understood that the arguments and reasons she gave were inconsistent, but there was no great enlightenment.

The end of the meeting was the patient declaring that if the hospital wanted her to get out, they could call the police and drag her out.

In the meanwhile, princess continues to occupy a bed that a sick person needs.

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