Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round Two

A new nurse executive has joined "the team."  Not my team.  She plays for the opposition- management.  She is younger than I am, has less education and nursing experience than I do, and was hired from the outside.  Is it time to say that I have been officially passed over?

Not so fast.  She is supposed to be revamping some institutional services and structures.  I don't know and she probably doesn't either.  Anyway, she asked me to train in one of the departments that she will oversee.  She explained that the nurses currently in the department are "getting old."

I was so good.  I didn't open my mouth to verbalize that she might be stepping into the realm of age discrimination.  Let the legal department try to fix the wreckage of this train wreck in progress.

And here is the real kicker:  a clerk will be added to the department.  "Aimee."  I get to be Aimee's immediate supervisor.  I have to figure out a battle plan to contain her drama and ensure that she does not become the hospital's main source of nasty trash talk about your dear writer nurse.

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