Friday, November 30, 2012

Mind Your Own Business and Do Your Job

This is how my coworkers approach the day.

An attendant went berserk on me for not doing what she told me to do:  Call this department, call that department, order this, go look for that.  "You better stop disrespecting me right now.  I am sick of this."

I float.  I am not a regular or head nurse on any ward.  Most of these problems are ongoing issues that I am declining to jump in and try to fix.  I have tried in the past.  It blows up in my face.  I am busy enough with the normal workflow of the day, increased for me because I have to play catch-up because I average a week or two between working on the same ward twice.

So back to the berserk attendant:  she was angry.  Livid.  She lost it.  This had been brewing since my start at this hospital.  Aggressive stuff- telling me to my face, "I don't like you;" walking around the ward, telling staff and patients that she didn't like me.  As if this is relevant.  As if this is what you are supposed to be doing at work.  At a hospital.

So I wrote her up.  This angered her more.  Oh well.  I am also angry, upset, and unable to fully perform my duties because this attendant focuses her energy on undermining me and being openly hostile to me.

My immediate supervisor's response:  The attendant's behavior is okay because she thought that patients were in jeopardy.

This is not okay.  No patient was in jeopardy.  If she thought that, it was illogical and irrational, and does not entitle her to yell at me.  When there is a Code, staff is not permitted to take time away from patient care to yell at one another.  Plus, her complaint was not that patients were going to get hurt.  Her complaint was that SHE was disrespected.

So I went to the next level of management.  I was told that this attendant has been written up before and this was the third, so she is eligible to be fired.  I didn't believe for a second that they would actually fire her, but she will fight hard to remove the write-up.

The next level of management was not pleased.  They called in the Union themselves.  (This is a union job.  I have not mentioned that, have I?)  "They are sick of your complaints," the union rep told me.

"I am sick of being treated this way every day while management sanctions it and encourages it.  So if I am miserable, I am going to make a bunch of other people miserable also.  I'm just getting started."

"Misery loves company?" he asked.

"I'm hoping that everyone hates it."


  1. Firstly, I couldn't agree with you more if I'd have written this myself! Secondly, I'm surprised no one commented.

    1. Four years later and this is still the atmosphere. Sad. When someone wants to ignore their job duties and focus on harassing someone else, everyone looks the other way.

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