Monday, November 26, 2012

Too Juicy for Some

Crazy night nurse ran after me as I passed through her unit to get to the office for my assignment.

"I have to tell you something very important!" she gasped as I quickened my pace.

I ignored her.

"This patient over there.  I gave her two juices.  Two.  She has had enough.  Don't give her anymore," crazy admonished me.

"Excuse me," I replied calmly with almost a smile, "I have to get to the office for my assignment.  I continued walking.

I thought that went well.  My new assertive stance is working sometimes.

I was floated to a few different floors, which is not unusual, because the supervisor is simply not capable of making a daily assignment.  And yes, she gets paid more than I do.  I ended up back on the floor with the over-juiced patient.

One of the attendants flagged me down as I arrived.  "The night nurse, she said to not give that lady any more juice.  She had two."

I stared at her.  Is this kindergarten?  Preschool?

"I don't take orders from an attendant from a nurse," I calmly replied and waited.  Go ahead.  Push my buttons.

And she did.  "No, the nurse said you are not allowed to give her anymore juice."  She was staring at me as if I was a bad child.  As if she was the nurse and I was the attendant.

"I will give my patients whatever I deem necessary," I replied.  "If the night nurse did not want her to have so much juice, then she should not have given her so much juice."

The attendant capitulated!  "Yeah, I guess you are right about that," she said and sauntered away.

The main sub-theme in the Order Me Around theme is that I am supposed to fix somebody else's error.  In this situation, the night nurse thought that she had given too much juice to a patient.  The patient was not diabetic or on fluid restrictions, so this did not matter.  So I was being ordered around first by the night nurse and then by an attendant because of some irrational idea of the crazy night nurse.  No.  I am not going to kowtow to this anymore.


  1. Finding your balls fells good doesn't it? Finding mine made life as a nurse so much easier.

  2. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Your comment reminds me that I am not alone.

  3. You're definitely not alone my dear. Nursing isn't like that everywhere. I did medsurg for 2 years and there was more backstabbing then in high school. Ridiculous bs to put up with. I found somewhere else (psych oddly enough) that is completely supportive and believes in the idea that we are a team. The one little witch that screwing the chi up is about to be booted. Sucks bc I miss the type of care I could give to sane pts but worth it for my own sanity.