Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feelings versus Facts

Out of all the testimony from the complaints against me, this one stands out the most.

Attendant:  Nurse told me that I come from a third world country where the water is too filthy to drink.

Investigator:  Do you remember when she said this to you, in what context, and who else was present?

Attendant.  Yes.  She said it to a patient.

Investigator:  She insulted you in front of a patient?

Attendant:  No, to the patient.  She wasn't actually talking to me.  She was talking to the patient about me.

Investigator:  And why do you think she was talking to the patient about you, with you standing right there?

Attendant:  The patient asked Nurse for a cup of water.  She came over with a cup of water and told the patient that I am filthy.

Investigator:  She used that word, "filthy?"

Attendant:  No.  She said that the water from the faucet was safe to drink.

Investigator:  And why would she say that out of the blue, with you standing there?

Attendant:  The patient asked her.  He saw Nurse get the water from the faucet and asked her if it was safe and she said yes.

Investigator:  And after she said that, is that when she made the remark about you coming from a third world country?

Attendant:  No, she didn't actually say that, but that is what she meant when she said that the water was safe from the faucet.

Investigator:  Ok.  So that is the feeling you got when you heard her speaking to others, that she thinks you come from a filthy third world country?

Attendant:  Yes.  That is how she made me feel.


It doesn't matter what I say or do.  Certain people at my job have decided that I am to fulfill a role that they have cast for me in their twisted minds and every word I say or don't say supports their delusions.  I wasn't even talking to this attendant or about her.  Yet she heard an insult embedded in an innocent interaction between a patient and me.


And the investigators found in favor of these f*cked up complainers.
Conclusion:  "It's not about who did say or didn't say something.  At the end of the day, it's how you make others feel, and they feel that you are being unfair to them."

Only their so-called feelings are illogical and not based on reality, which they openly admit.

What about my feelings of having to do all the work while they sit there, hating me?

I really need to get the hell out of this snakepit.

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