Monday, January 7, 2013

Floating in Shark Infested Waters

I was changed from float to an assigned ward.  I don't usually stay on the ward, though, because I have the least seniority, which automatically designates me as the nurse to float off the ward to work on a lesser-staffed ward.  

Instead of reporting to the nursing office in the morning, I have to bear the brunt of the night shift aggression with obnoxious complaints about how they had to do some work because I didn't do enough during the day.  It is not relevant if I worked on the ward the day before.  I am the go-to person for assigning blame.  It is also not relevant if there is an actual problem.  A fluke low blood sugar reading will be blamed on my lack of foresight in not getting an order to lower the bedtime Lantus dose; plus, I should also change the timing of the blood sugar reading to the day shift because "doing a fingerstick is too much.  We only have two or three nurses at night."  There are only two nurses on the ward during the day, but again, this is not relevant to their complaint.

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