Thursday, January 24, 2013


During last year's investigation of me, one of the supervisors who gave me a very hard time (and still does) had this to say:

---She was never my supervisor.  She supervised the other side of the building whenever I worked.  Even when she covered the entire building, our paths never crossed.

---She never spoke to me.  I approached her on several occasions to make fun of the ethnicity and/or race of other employees.  [This is one of the reasons why the investigation took so long.  They actually called in all of the employees that the supervisor claimed that I made fun of and told these employees, most of whom I had never met, that I was making fun of them.  This explains a lot of sudden nasty behavior towards me that seemed to arise from nowhere.]

---All of the incidents, put-downs, re-assignments all over the hospital day after day- they never happened.  My documentation is fabricated.

And the investigators accepted her version.

I read all of this, shaking my head, wondering if I had made it all up.  Day after day.  In researching narcissistic personality disorder for an unrelated matter, I came across the term Gaslighting.  This is what this supervisor was doing.  Outright lies and denials to make me look like I was going crazy.  But they believed her.

I don't know if she knows that I have copies of all the transcripts.  I knew she was not a nice person, but now when I see her, I look at her, don't speak to her, and wonder how and why someone would be so nasty and deceitful.

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