Sunday, March 24, 2013

A True Dead End

I received a letter clarifying that my current employment is a dead-end.

I have been applying for in-house promotions and transfers as the positions are posted.  I never hear back.  My inquiries go unanswered.  Sometimes someone else appears in the position; other times, the position remains unfilled.

I finally got an answer:  I am UNELIGIBLE for transfer or promotion because I am not a PERMANENT employee.

Oh.  I had no idea.  Truly I didn't.  I get health insurance and paid time-off like everyone else.  I read through my paperwork and saw no mention of status, other than "regular" and "full-time."  Probationary period of three months:  completed.

Is this my tangible sign to get the hell out of there?  Have they lined me up to be fired without recourse because I am temporary?

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