Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Human Guinea Pig

I got my first call for testing consumer products.  They apply the lotion and cover with a strong bandage.  18 of them.  Much stronger than what I have at work.  Immediate stinging and burning.  By the evening, I couldn't deal with it and removed everything and scrubbed down.  I had to return, report that I was dropping out of the study, and forfeit that payout.

How am I going to make extra money for my monthly shortfall?  No overtime permitted, even though most shifts are short.  Nobody has been hired after I was two years ago.  In the meantime, people have gone out on permanent disability and many are suddenly retiring because the atmosphere has become so hostile.  The hospital is in a hiring freeze, I am told.  Only that brand new nurse was hired as a supervisor, a job that was never advertised.

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