Thursday, March 14, 2013


I don't know how this happened.  Thank goodness it did.

I was pulled to an administrative department for the day.  I am organized, detail-oriented, and love solving problems.  These are not valued skills at my place of employment.  Administration would originally pull me to an administrative department because "You can't get along with anyone."  This is not true.  I get along with some people.  I do not get along with people who are at work to do nothing.  I am the one who has to pick up their slack and I do not react well in such situations.  Once other people saw how well I organized the offices and got things done, they wanted me to work with them.  So administration stopped sending me to other departments because I was becoming liked.

I started on the floor with wild, out-of-control new admit from last night, running around, shouting, "I own this place!" and banging on doors to leave.  Medication time.  But I can't medicate because the pharmacy did not send medication for him yet.  I ask another nurse to make a run for the medications while I medicate the next tier of wild patients who aren't running and banging- yet.

"I didn't admit him," she explained as part of her refusal.

"Who admitted him yesterday is not relevant.  We need to medicate him now," I tried to rationalize.  Useless.  She wouldn't budge.  Sat at the desk smiling and laughing at the antics of the patients.  Like a child.  Not like another nurse, supposed to be pulling her own weight.

Supervisor came over and informed me that she was pulling me to an administrative department.  I fled immediately with the other nurse calling after me, "But who is going to do all this work?"  Ha ha ha.

I returned mid-morning because I remembered that I forgot to do something yesterday.  (Don't you love how things hit you later, in the shower, or when you are lying in bed, trying to sleep?)  The place was a circus.  They had:

---Podiatrist with handwriting of a chicken having a seizure insisting upon seeing every patient and finding a fungal infection on most.
---New admission:  wild, screaming, punching.
---State inspectors.

Yes.  The State was there.  Do not know why.  They can stop in unannounced, or they can eventually follow up on a possibly pressing issue.  We'll see if there is a fall out from this visit.

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