Friday, April 26, 2013

Job Interview: Yikes!

I had a job interview!

Per diem nursing shifts at a large nursing home.

A friendly nurse at my current job works there and put in the word for me.  Without such a personal referral, the job search is hopeless.

Inner city.  Where my coworkers are from, but on their own turf.

The nursing home is sandwiched in between a homeless shelter on one side and a juvenile annex of the county jail on the other side.  I made it inside unscathed physically.  I was the first applicant out of twelve to arrive.

After waiting, I was interviewed by human resources.  The woman expressed her concern:  "Don't you think this is too far for you to drive?"

It's not really that far.  There is little traffic at 6 am on weekend mornings to get to the place.  As for other shifts on other days, forget about it.  But I didn't say this.  "Sure I'm available," was my answer.

Next the assistant director of nursing interviewed me.  "Tell me a story about a time you really helped a patient."

You need great stories for interviews.  Develop them.  Rehearse.  Make the interviewer like you.

I was prepared with a great story, or so I thought.  Pain management through medication as well as making the environment conducive to sleep, special positioning and scheduling, and so forth.

The interviewer was not pleased.  "Well," he hesitated, "This is the inner city, and so what kind of problems do you think we have with pain management here?"

"Drug abuse?" I queried.

"Yes," he answered, "So we don't really push the pain management.  It's just too dangerous for the workers to have all the drugs here that the patients seek."

I need a more inclusive heart-warming story, like a Chicken Soup theme.

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