Thursday, May 2, 2013

Choosing our Burdens

In a moment of exasperation and desperation, I finally reported my "partner" nurse for doing nothing.  She was gone most of the day.  She appeared three times during the shift, scolded me for doing work, and then disappeared again.  The final straw was when she appeared at the end of the shift to collect her personal belongings and scolded me for not being done.

I marched into the supervisor's office and handed her a short staffing form for the shift and told her I had already faxed it to the State.  She saw that the number of nurses listed was only one- me.  She squeaked, "There were two of you!"

I snapped back, "I was by myself all day.  She was not here.  You will not see her name or initials on a single document for this shift.  I did everything myself.  I told you several times today that I was underwater and by myself.  We won't even mention how I received no help from the attendants."

The supervisor called the other nurse into the office.  I returned to the patient I was admitting, for free, after the shift had ended.

"Partner" nurse marched into the room, no knock, no "excuse me."

"Some people choose to do all the work, and then complain about it.  If you want to do everything, don't complain about it later."

I said nothing.  I don't engage in employee arguments in front of patients.  That is the most absurd complaint out of her selfish, stupid mouth that I have heard to date.


  1. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself. That hellhole has it coming plus some. I hope one day when they're sick they get stuck with nurses as shitty as they are.

  2. I hope your blog silence means that you have found another, better job. I am a new RN and trying to adjust from the idealism of school to working in the real world w/o compromising my integrity. I am in LTC on day 12 or so...It is quite the culture shock.


  3. Hello Twins4paiges and thank you for your comment.
    No, I have note found a better job.
    Culture shock describes what it was like for me as well, working in long term care. Trying to perform my duties, not get fired, not harm anyone, all without compromising my integrity. You wrote it well.
    Hang in there. You may feel alone at your facility, but thousands of other nurses across the country are feeling just as you do.