Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Hindsight

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.  It means a lot.  I don't mean for this to sound like a gripe board, but I am having a really tough time at work and an even tougher time finding a different job.

I cried every day last week.

They are getting ready for some survey.  State, Federal, Credentialing- I don't know.  Everyone has a different opinion on who is coming and when and their opinion is correct.

I have people who have No Medical Knowledge interrupting me, no matter what I am doing, trying to shove a chart in my face, telling me that something is missing.  "I can't help you with that right now," does no good.  The response is along the lines of, "I didn't say you had to do it NOW.  When you are finished with that, then you can get to the chart."  As if I didn't have a thousand other things lined up ahead of fixing a chart.

So I sought advice from a bully nurse, though I didn't put it that way to him.  He helped me see things more clearly.

Big Bully:  You did what you were supposed to do in the chart:  daily notes, weekly summaries, signed off on orders you took off, correct?

Me:  Yes.

Big Bully:  Then anything else is their problem, not yours.  As long as you did what you were supposed to do, they cannot come after you for not fixing somebody else's omission or mistake.

They are coming after me, but he is right.  I cross my T's and dot my I's.  Other nurses are sloppy, cut corners, and get away with it.  That's too bad.  Let it come back to haunt them, not me.

An example:  Administrative person (I have no idea what her job is) directs me:  "Look at all these order sheets.  Most have no allergy written.  You are required to write the allergies on every sheet.  I need for you to go through this chart and write the allergies whenever they are missing."

Me:  "There is no order sheet with my signature that is missing an allergy."

Administrative person:  "I didn't ask you that, and that may be true, but the allergies still have to be written on every order."

Me:  Flipping to a page without an allergy- "Why don't you ask Nurse Smith to write the allergies?  She signed this sheet, and Nurse Jones signed off on the 24 hour check below that."  Then I turned to a page with my signature and pointed out the allergy already written.  "If my name is on a sheet, then the allergy is written."

Administrative person:  "We are not here to blame other people.  We need everyone's help in getting the charts in order."

Me:  "You've had my help from the start.  That is why I always listed allergies on the top of order sheets that I handle.  And now, please excuse me to attend to my patients."

All of a sudden, the hospital wants things done correctly, which happens to be how I've been doing it all along, and I am supposed to carry everyone else?  No way.

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