Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Job Offer?

The nursing home where I interviewed last week called me to come in and fill out papers.  Does this mean that I am hired?

I went in yesterday and filled out consent for background search and signed other papers about dress codes, confidentiality, and the like.  I brought them into the Human Resources office.

"Am I hired?" I inquired.

"Depends on your background search," the lady answered.

I have no record, or should not have, so the background search should come back fine.

"What is the rate?" I inquired.  It's about money.  Let's stop pretending.

"Oh, I don't really know," the lady replied.

That's ridiculous, I thought.  Almost hired, and Human Resources claims to not know how much people get paid.

"I need to factor in the rate of pay as I consider my options," I replied.  Sounds firm, right?

So she told me a rate:  $28 an hour for per diem.

My stomach sank.  Not as severely as when I found at that my high school crush had gotten married.  But there was shock and repulsion and then lots of thoughts about how I was not going to make enough to meet my loan payments.  I have a deficit of a few hundred a month- if I don't eat.  If I eat or have to buy anything such as shampoo or soap, I have a bigger shortfall.

"That's less than I make at my regular full-time job.  Are you sure that's the per diem rate for an RN?"  I tried.


How did she go from not knowing the pay to knowing it was $28?

Remember that this place is in the inner city.  There are people passed out from drugs and alcohol on the sidewalk out front, with groups of surly people sizing me up as I pulled into the parking lot and dashed inside.  The place is locked with security guards checking identification before allowing you in.  Every door, stairwell, elevator- locked, just like the psychiatric hospital.

In general, the rates for working in this environment are higher.  Battle pay.  If I go south or west, the rates drop.  I might as well work in a nice suburb for the same pay.  If I can get hired anywhere else.  That's the problem.  I can't find work anywhere else.

I don't want to offend the woman I work with by not taking the job.

I don't know what to do.  I need the money, but I would hate giving up overtime at my regular job, if they offer it, to work in a hell hole for less money.


  1. Thank you!
    You are right.
    I spoke to the nurse who works there, the one who got me in. She said the per diem RN rate is $40/hour, not $28.