Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spilling Over

"He was so rude!  He could not answer a simple question.  He had to be flip and rude."  The supervisor told me this about a hospital attendant who was sent to retrieve a patient.  He talked to the nurse in the clinic and the driver in the same condescending manner he talks to me.  They found it so unacceptable and rude that they both reported him.  And now the supervisor thought I should be impressed.  I was not.

"He talks to me like this all the time.  You never thought that any action was necessary," I coolly replied to the supervisor.

"No!  You never told me he is always rude to you," she tried defending herself.

"Just this morning, I asked him if Mr Smith was out of bed, right in front of you, and he replied, 'You're the nurse.  You're supposed to be smart and know these things and not ask other people.' This is how he responds to questions," I reminded the supervisor.

"I don't really remember his answer," she stumbled.  "I remember you asked him something, but I don't know what he said.  Anyway, just make sure that you're not the one being rude."  Tables turned on me, as usual.

I am glad that others are speaking out, but the supervisor still clings to the idea that I am forcing the staff to behave so badly, even when they are not with me.  Administration excuses their behavior, claiming that I forced them into it.  They don't behave poorly just when I work.  It is spilling out into other shifts, departments, and nurses.


  1. Sad so many people are treated so badly at work and your own supervisor can't even defend you. Allowing him to continue his behave is only enabling him. I really enjoy reading your blog!