Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Triangle Exposed

A Frequent Flyer came to stay at the hospital for the umpteenth time.  She brought along with her an ax to grind against all the employees she feels have wronged her in the past.  I am on her list, naturally.

She doesn't shut up.  She is manic, angry, and delusional.  Her voice is loud and projects off the barren walls and floors.

Yet she is absolutely correct about something about me.  I was around a corner and not within her view when I first heard her speech about me, so I could at least compose my face.

When I first started working at the hospital, I started a relationship with another employee.  Things were going well from my standpoint.  He cautioned me to not tell anyone at the hospital about our relationship because we would both become targets.  "People around here are weird.  They will try to destroy you if they think you are happy."  He was right about this, but I was uneasy about the secrecy outside of work.  "Someone from work might see us," he cautioned.

Well, I am stupid and gullible.  He had a fiancee and I was some kind of fling for him.  When it ended, I was grateful that nobody at work had known in the first place, or so I thought.

This loud, tireless patient screamed one afternoon that I was having an affair with [insert name here] and that I was so stupid because he had a beautiful girlfriend [insert name here].  She gave dates of when we started and ended and damn- she was spot on.  I was also very surprised that she knew the other woman's name.  That took me a while to find out.

The guy is very careful at work- I don't think anyone else knows his (real) girlfriend's name, so I hope that nobody finds too many truths in this patient's story to take it as gold.

How in the world did this patient pick up on all of this?  And do any of the employees know?

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