Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Few Nurses Short of a Hospital

Thank you everyone for sharing your kind comments and thoughts.  You help me to keep going.

A part-time attendant was finally granted full-time status by the new director.  The attendant seems like a decent guy and he does work.  The attendant told me that the director said that there are many open, full-time positions in nursing and have been for years, but never filled; and that spending in nursing was never over-budget, but rather so severely under-budget quarter after quarter that it is not possible that minimum staffing levels were met.

I'm not sure that the director should be telling this to people outside of the upper echelon, but it doesn't surprise me.  Many people quit, retired, went on leave- yet no new person was hired after I was over two years ago.

Several times a week a nurse is stuck on "Mandatory Overtime."  They called me to come in on my day off- 45 minutes into the shift.  I said no.  The next day, I heard the nurses complaining that the supervisor claimed that everyone was called, but nobody would come in.  I told a union representative that they do not call early enough to enable people to come in for the shift.  The union is not organized enough to compile such information in their fight against the mandatory overtime.

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