Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Choking on her own words

I was in a back room of the ward.  Nobody was in the vicinity except the clerk, who was ranting while eating some greasy fast food.  "These stupid nurses think they are something.  Well, they are not.  They are stupid.  I could do their job easy.  Running around, acting like they know stuff.  They don't . . ."

Suddenly she stopped.  She was choking.

When my mind recognizes that an emergency is actually happening, the body races:  heartbeat and breathing zoom.  But my body didn't jump into action.  Karma?

She choked up the food herself.  "Oh my God!  I almost choked to death!" she observed to herself, a bit shocked.

I ducked my head into the doorway.  "Be careful, sweetie, there's no one here to help you if you choke on your nasty words."

She grew a little smile and said, "Oh, I see how you did that.  Said it all quietly so nobody else would hear you.  I got your number.  You would let me choke."

I walked away.

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