Friday, October 25, 2013

Retired/Working Same Difference

One of the nurses is blissful.  Always floating around, beaming ear to ear.  "Blessed" is what she calls it.

Her chronic lateness, inertia at completing the simplest task, and inability to ever be located do not faze her in the least.  I am bothered because I pick up her slack.

On one trying day, she observed into the wind, "I love this job.  It's like I'm already retired.  Nobody cares if you are late, or if you just sit here sipping tea all day.  I love it."

"I care that you are late and do nothing but sip your tea."  I just had to say something.  She looked at me, blinking her eyes, absorbing none of it.

She went on lunch and returned two hours later.  "Now you can go," she told me.  "I'll cover the floor."

So I went on my lunch and returned in an hour an a half.  Her smile was gone.  "You have been missing for over an hour."

I smiled.  "You're right.  I didn't take the full two hours like you did.  Next time we work together I'll add half an hour more to my break."

She just doesn't get it.  The length of her lunch break has nothing to do with the length of my lunch break.  Her 45 minute lateness does not stop her from commenting on my whereabouts.

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