Saturday, October 26, 2013

Telepathic influence

The attendant who plans to retire after putting in a year is "learning computer for my next job, in case they want it."  I must commend her for attempting to learn a skill and for being so forward-thinking.  The hospital is not computerized, but most wards have an outdated, slow, clunky desktop computer.  Someone (not the clerk) typed excel spreadsheets for assignments, rotated by day of the week.  To select a particular day, you need to select the sheet at the bottom of the window.

One morning, she was screaming that the printer broke, as evidenced by the printer printing sheets for Monday when she wanted it to print sheets for Wednesday.  I showed her the sheet selection at the bottom and told her that she needed to click on the desired sheet.  "I DID," was her nasty, self-righteous response, naturally followed by, "You did something to this computer again, didn't you?  You just can't stop messing with people."

A dialog box was open, requesting attention about sending a problem to Microsoft.  I pointed this out to her and told her that she can't do anything else on the computer until she gets rid of the box.  She looked quite unsure, but clicked on "okay" and got rid of the box.  Then she was able to click and select Wednesday and print those sheets.

"All I know," she remarked, "Is that you need to stop messing with this computer and making it hard for me to click on what I want."

"One more thing, dear," I added in a sweet voice, "Today is Thursday, not Wednesday."

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