Monday, October 21, 2013

Your presence is felt in your absence, Part one

Upon returning to work after a day off, I heard from numerous people that a clerk had thrown a temper tantrum on the ward in front of staff, visitors, people from other services, and patients.  The clerk's defense was that I made her do it:  I sabotaged her computer.

And for clarification, what she calls "her computer" is the only computer on the ward- an outdated, bulky desktop that she uses to type personal letters or create cards and banners for personal events in her life.

One of the nurses told me that the clerk was so angry and so upset and could not be redirected, that the nurse called the woman who handles the computers for the hospital and asked her for help in fixing the computer.  As it turns out, the computers are linked on a local hospital network that was down for a few hours for maintenance.  Not Sabotage by yours truly.

Later in the day, the clerk was able to use the computer and find whatever she claimed had been destroyed by me- still without me having been in the building.

This is what I have been writing about.  Nothing bad happened, yet a coworker gave an emotional performance in front of many people about the evil act I committed against her.  Whether true or not, people come away from the clerk with the impression that I am a horrible person to others and that I destroy hospital property because I have a personal issue with someone who is only trying to do her job.

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