Thursday, November 14, 2013

Do not disturb

Night shift is supposed to wake all patients up before day shift arrives and have them all lined up, cleaned and dressed.

Does not happen.

Some patients are natural risers and willingly perform hygiene.  Others are flying high in an episode and haven't slept or stayed put for days.

The rest have little motivation to begin with and are so doped up on pills that they aren't budging.  Add in their violent tendencies and the result is very few patients ready to go well into the day shift, as nobody wants to wake the homicidal maniacs.  (You can close all the psych facilities you want.  The worst of the worst still must go somewhere.  It's the least violent ones that get pushed onto the street.)

This has been an ongoing issue.  As the first day shift nurse on the scene, all subsequent arrivals- attendants, other nurses, supervisors- enjoyed blaming me for the hibernating patients.  "You ACCEPTED the floor like this!" was everyone's unsolicited complaint as well as defense for not doing anything themselves for the rest of the shift.

Now this is the strange part.  One particularly crazy and nasty day shift nurse has stopped blaming me and is instead blaming a particular night shift nurse, whether she was on duty or not.  They have a War of Writing back and forth on the Ward Daily Report.  They quote policy that each just invented to bolster their individual positions.  The day shift nurse spends most of the shift verbally kvetching about it or writing her new policy quotes.

Almost funny to watch.  I gave up getting any work out of her a while ago.

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