Friday, November 15, 2013

Of course it was good for you, too

An essential feature of my work culture is the casual hooking-up of coworkers.  I see it as another sign of their pervasive dysfunction and immaturity.

I have been propositioned by many of my coworkers, male and female.

Just the other day a male attendant tried (again).  This time he was more specific.  He wanted to travel the Khyber Pass.  No thank you.  He persisted.  I half listened, if only to prove to myself what I already knew:  he was selfish and dense.  He used the old standby, "You won't know if you like it until you've tried it."  As if I were born yesterday and this would be my first encounter with the activity.  As if I'm not a grown adult and can predict with relative certainty that any activity with him would be all about him.  His view is:  if he enjoys it, then the other party enjoys it.

If it starts out All About Him, don't anticipate that your needs will ever enter his radar.

This narrow, one-sided view can be seen at work:  he has nothing to do, so how could I have so much work?

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