Sunday, November 17, 2013


Overtime has been scarce lately (for me).  I was fortunate enough to grab an evening shift one weekend.  The night nurse who relieved me said that they are very short on nights and can't find anyone to work.

I thought about it a quick second.  I really need the money at this point and night shift is a lot less work than what I usually endure.

The night nurse told me to call the office and ask if there were any spots for me.  So I did.

"Hello, this is Nurse ---.  Did anyone call out for the night shift?" I queried to the person who answered the phone in the office.

This set off an attendant nearby.  "Sheila!" he started screaming, even though it was night, lights were out, and the patients were trying to sleep.  "Sheila!  She's trying to get you in trouble for being late!"

Unbelievable.  I had not done a thing to either of them and here we go again . . .

"I know that Sheila is here.  I am trying to get another shift," I tried to explain to him.  He wouldn't listen.  He continued screaming, convincing Sheila that I had just reported her for being late when she was here the entire time.  Then Sheila started in on me.

I left without another word.  I couldn't even hear what the person on the other end of the phone was saying.

I chastised myself:
---I should have made the call in private, locked in the bathroom, to avoid anyone overhearing the wrong thing.
---I should have used different words, such as, "Could I have an overnight spot?" instead of, "Did anyone call out?"

In another vein, I am not to blame.  I said nothing bad about anyone.  The attendant took it the wrong, bad way and then dragged in another person.

Who is paranoid here?  I am paranoid that someone is going to go berserk on me for something I didn't do, so I am guarded and cautious.  But this really does happen.  The attendant is paranoid- listened in on my phone call and then twisted innocent words into a perceived attack.  I attempted a defense and then retreated while he kept attacking.

I do not know how to handle this anymore.

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