Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secure no more

I arrived at work and the overnight security guy was leaving, early as usual.  His performance illustrates what I have been telling you:  people obsess over me when I hadn't even noticed them.

The guy came close, but not too close, just enough for him to justify using a loud voice in the echoing lobby.  "I have to talk to you," he said, all serious.  We have never talked before.  He's either running out the door or watching television when I see him.  He's an older guy.

I suddenly remembered why he would verbalize his interest.  The prior day, in his rush to flee, he tore out of his parking spot, which was in a fire lane in a walking area, and had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting me as I walked towards the building.  Reckless driving is not unusual in this place and the blame is always on the person walking, not the driver.  By his tone, I knew he wasn't about to apologize, so I kept walking.

His rant began for all to hear:  "You made me late to my next job.  I had to stop to allow you to walk.  I didn't even know where you were going.  I'm trying to drive, and all of a sudden, you are in my way, walking towards the building.  I mean, how would anyone even know that you were there?  And what were you doing, walking in front of my car?"

I walked close enough to him to speak in a quiet voice to lessen the number of people able to hear.  "You almost killed me.  You were speeding on a sidewalk, doing 50 miles per hour when the speed limit in the parking lot is 5, nevermind the sidewalk.  And you have the gall to act like this is my fault because you didn't know where I was going?  Where do you think I going at ten minutes to shift change?  There is no other option other than the front door of this hospital."

I walked away.  He glared at me.

I really don't want enemies in security.  But this was a test.  I was either going to capitulate and accept his ridiculous blame or I was going to show him that I don't go down easy.  I think that I made him more convinced that I am evil and he is not the least bit put off about going after me again.

And now there are witnesses to attest that I harassed the overnight security guy.

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