Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Three versus One

I've been floating a lot more lately.  When I am floated to a ward, I do a quick assessment of the staff:  how many are Evil and how many are Unknown.  It's not safe to put anybody in the category of On My Side or Neutral.

On this particular day, I had three Evil and a wavering bunch of Unknown.  The other variable was that one particular Evil, "Jess," was downright destructive when a particular senior attendant was not there to keep her in check.  Today, that attendant was, of course, out.

We had "Dina," who is on a rampage against other women because they are after her boyfriend.

And we have idiot "Jean."  I thought I could do away with her by sending her on a long escort off the ward.  I realized something was wrong when she got all dolled up, grabbed her jacket and purse, and quickly left.  A while later, I realized that the patient she was supposed to be escorting was still waiting for her on the ward.  Then the flurry of phone calls started because the absent patient was holding up the schedule in the other department.

At that point, my acceptance of the situation told me that there was nothing I could do.  Another attendant would not accept Jean's assignment to escort the patient.  The patient would just miss the testing.  There was nothing I could do about it.  Many times I've brought up Jean's disappearances, but I was blamed as the cause.

A bitch in the supervisor's office paged Jean overhead, hospital-wide.  That was the red flag that this was going to get bad.  This particular bitch hates me, loves Jean, and will do nothing to help me.  Her paging set off Jess.  Jess lost it.  She went berserk, right out there in the middle of the ward, screaming "She is so racist,"  "She is nothing but trouble," "I fucking hate her and am going straight to the top this time . . ."

Jess's rant set off Dina.  She started screaming that I was a "slut," "whore," and "Stay the fuck away from my boyfriend."

I called the nursing supervisor and told her that she needed to come to the ward.  NOW.

Somebody must have reached Jean on her cell phone.  Jean appeared as the supervisor arrived.  Jean, still wearing her jacket and carrying her purse, insisted that she was on the ward the entire time and I never told her to escort the patient anywhere.  Dina and Jess stood there, shaking their heads in agreement, and added that I was lying when I said that I told Jean to escort the patient.

I pointed out to the supervisor that Jean walked onto the ward with the supervisor, so how was Jean on the ward the entire time?  Jean's explanation:  I became confused when I saw the supervisor walking in and thought that Jean was also walking in, but she wasn't.

I told the supervisor that I needed Jess and Dina to stop ranting about their nonsense on the floor or, better yet, get me off that ward.  The supervisor said, "I have to hear their side."  They were in a back room for hours.  Screaming, cursing, crying.

Eventually I went back in and spoke with the supervisor.  Her response:  "Clearly, this is a personal issue that you have with these people, so it has nothing to do with me or this hospital.  I recommend that you don't bring your issues to work with you."

"Oh no," I objected.  "I have no personal relation with any of these people outside of this job.  This is a hostile environment they created for me and you are sanctifying it."

"All I can tell you," she said as she got up to leave, "Is to put it in writing.  If it's not in writing, I can't do anything about it."  She left.

Dina spent the rest of the day calling me "whore" and related names.  When I was on the phone, she would walk by and yell, "She's on the phone again, trying to find a guy to fuck her tonight because my boyfriend won't do it."

Jess disappeared for most of the rest of the shift.  At one point when she was back on the ward, she was intently writing on a piece of paper.  Another attendant near her stopped me to ask me something.  When she heard my voice, she startled and screamed, "She's spying on me!  What the fuck is wrong with you!" and ran off the ward.

Jean eventually took the patient off the ward for his appointment.  She later returned him and left without returning to the ward to finish her shift.  Several people who work in the department where she escorted the patient called me and asked what happened on the ward.  I told them, "the usual."  They said that they had to have her removed because she would not stop screaming, cursing, and bad mouthing me that I am jealous of her because she is sleeping with someone that I want to sleep with.

This was a very bad day.  It was not the worst day ever at this hospital because I knew to expect this behavior from the involved parties.

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