Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Applying for extra per diem job

I applied for a per diem job.  The weekend rates at the place are good.  For some strange reason they are published online as part of the union contract.  We'll see if I get a call and if they don't try to shaft me with a lower rate.  A few of my current coworker nurses work there.  One of them left her purse out with the paystub sticking out.  She was getting that coveted high rate.  I hope that I don't end up in a snake pit identical to the one I'm in.

Ironically, the person who tipped me off about this high-paying gig was Jess, though she didn't mean to.  She referred to the high rates and asked why I didn't work there instead.  She was probably trying to get rid of me.

Jess could become a sudden, volatile problem.  She explodes whenever I work with her, which has not been often, thank goodness.  She was taken sick to the emergency room last month and was out for only a week, but rumor has it that she claims that she was poisoned.  The weekend she returned, she kept driving her car around the parking lot when my shift was over.  I took out my phone and activated the video feature.  I love these smart phones.  She pulled into the spot next to my car as I got closer.  I stopped and chatted with someone.  Jess leaned on her horn for a while.  Eventually she left.  I scooted to my car, quickly got in, locked the doors, and zoomed away.

I rarely take the elevators- they get stuck often.  Last week, I had to take an elevator with a doctor.  Jess was the only person on the elevator with us.  She froze when she saw me and looked as if she was about to cry.  Then she started to hyperventilate.  The doctor I was with paid her no mind because he was so engrossed in his own soliloquy about some miracle surgery in which he was the sole shining star.

I don't trust her to not do something to me.  She could be setting the stage as I type.

If I got a higher paying per diem position, I would feel better about the money situation.  When I eliminate the student loan debt, one paycheck will cover my living expenses and reasonable desires.  I wouldn't have to beg for overtime from the current place.  By doing overtime in the same place every week, I am burning out faster and exposing myself to extremely hostile coworkers on their turf while I float to cover.

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