Friday, January 31, 2014

Dating: Not an exact science

I have been telling the attendants to put dates on the records that they create.  At this point, what they actually have to document is minuscule, but includes the patient checks.  Every hour, on a form containing the room numbers and patient names for the entire ward, the assigned attendant checks off [not necessarily checks] that the patient is alive on the ward or is off the ward.

Me being the unreasonably picky bitch that I am, started asking the attendants to put the date on the paper.  This was met with great resistance:  cursing, telling me off, storming off the ward, and other behaviors typical of the average two year old child.

Eventually some people started writing the date sometimes.  But never the correct date.  When I pointed this out, the response was, "You were the one who wanted the date on every paper.  We write the date, but you still aren't happy."

"I wanted today's date!" I exclaimed.  How could a group of adults be so damn uncooperative?

The response:  "It's a date.  It's good enough!  You are the only one who cares about such little details."

She does have a valid point.  If I brought in a supervisor on the date issue, the supervisor would decide that the task is too difficult for the attendants and that the nurse should add it to her task roster.

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