Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flexible Hours

One of the nurses who is usually assigned to my ward is chronically late by over an hour.  That's not all.  She charges in, one to two hours after the shift has started, and then seeks me out to start in on me for having work for her to do.  "You've been here two hours!  How could just leave all this work for me to do?"  As if my job is to come in on time and do an entire shift's work of two nurses in two hours.  She rants and carries on like a spoiled brat, gets nothing done, distracts me from my work and irritates the hell out of me.

The positive part is that she used to be only half an hour late and it has grown into an hour or two.  It's less time that I have to endure her.  And some days she fails to show up at all.

I have tried replacing her by telling the supervisor that I'm still by myself an hour into the shift and that this brat (I use her name) is not coming in.  Sometimes I am able to bump her late ass elsewhere.

One day she arrived over two hours late.  The supervisor was surprised to see her and exclaimed that I had said that she was not there.  Well, she wasn't there at the beginning of the shift when I have to report which staff are on the ward.  This set off the brat who yelled, "Why are you telling the supervisor that I'm not here at 7 when I don't start until 8?"

This was news to me and made me mad.  First, if she starts at 8, she ends at 4:00.  Many times I have stayed for free until 4:00 with her because she complained that there was work to do and we couldn't leave.  Second, if she starts at 8:00, she no longer arrives by 8:00.  It's more like 9:00.

I am no longer staying a minute past 3:00 when she works with me.  She gets paid until 4:00, so let her stay and finish work she didn't get to because she took a two hour lunch and was on her phone the rest of the day.

She continues to get away with this.  I feel so played that she changed her start time and nobody told me.  And she is still chronically late with no repercussions.

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