Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two is better than three

After slashing staffing levels, a nurse was suddenly added back on the day shift on each ward.  I'd rather work with one incompetent nurse than two, but this is what the higher powers want.  The gift of another nurse comes with a price:  the supervisor follows some of the nurses (not her favorite children) around and calls constantly, inquiring as to what the nurse has been doing.  As if nurses have the most boring, non-eventful jobs.  This is also after supervisors have stripped any tasks that the attendants still did and hoisted them onto the nurse.  I serve breakfast and lunch to the ward because dietary is short and serving food is not in the attendant's "contract" or it is against policy, depending on who you are talking to.

One of the surprising reasons given for not needing so many nurses is that "You have all of these doctors here to help you during the day."  WTF?  Who in their right mind describes the doctor-nurse relationship as the doctors helping the nurses?  The messed up supervisors at my job, that is who.

Now, I must tell you that most of the doctors at my hospital are nice and approachable; however, I must dedicate considerable time to discussions with them, guiding them on what orders need to be written, correcting the orders, and then actually transcribing them and carrying them out.  Few orders are written on the evening shift and only emergency orders are written at night.  I think it would be quite clear that more nurses are needed during the day to enact the hundreds of orders written on the day shift.  Nope.  Two nurses per ward per shift is the new standard staffing.  Adding back the third nurse on the day shift has lasted about ten days; in actuality, the supervisors use it as an excuse to harass certain nurses.

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