Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who's in charge here? Not me.

One of the nurses is a spiteful, mousy thing.  She's a useless idiot.  Whenever I work with her, I run around, getting things done.  She sits there or disappears.  The staff, doctors, patients- everyone comes to me and disregards her, which she is usually content with.

Enter new nurse.  I feel bad for her.  New grad.  Ended up at this place.  Nobody is hiring, she told me.

I am training her.  Until Stupid Nurse intervened out of petty jealousy.  I am pissed that she did this but even more pissed that I cannot maneuver around these attacks.

I trained new nurse Monday, Tuesday, and then started to on Wednesday.  Stupid Nurse, who was out on Tuesday, met with me and one of the supervisors.  This particular supervisor loves conflict and will create it when she doesn't find it.  I avoid this supervisor and know that she will take any situation and make it far worse- on purpose.

Stupid Nurse's complaint:  I talk with the new nurse and I allow the new nurse to "shadow" me.

Me:  Exactly.

Stupid Nurse's continued complaint:  I have done no work since last Friday because I am too busy talking with the new nurse [who was not at work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday].

Me:  Are you kidding me?  You don't seriously believe that you carry this ward, do you?

Supervisor's remedy:  New nurse removed to train on another ward because "she can't get along with [Stupid Nurse]."  Stupid nurse is to be in charge of the ward and I am to accept direction from her because I have not done any work for a week.

Stupid Nurse sought clarification:  "She just comes in and does work without even asking me or telling me.  She has to ask me before she can do anything.  Tell her that."

Me:  First, your complaint was that I did not do any work.  Second, I have my own nursing judgment and can recognize when something needs to be done and I have the professional responsibility to step in and do it without consulting you.

Supervisor:  No, you need to take direction from [Stupid Nurse].

Neither of them was able to explain how work got done on the weekend when I worked without Stupid Nurse or when I stayed for the evening shift and worked by myself.

They are both so transparent and they just swoop in and destroy my mood and any cohesion on the unit that I was building.  Everyone knows that Stupid Nurse can't run the ward.  Even this supervisor knows this and kept coming to me for things she needed.  I simply answered, "I would have to refer you to the charge nurse for that."  Stupid Charge Nurse disappeared for the afternoon.  I let the work pile up; after all, I was not to initiate anything on my own as specified by both the Supervisor and the Stupid Nurse.

When Stupid Charge Nurse resurfaced close to the end of the shift, I had my exit strategy.  I repeated words she's called out to me many days as I sat swamped in new orders:  "The shift is over!  I'm going home!"

She caught sight of all the flagged orders and gasped:  "All these orders!  Why didn't you do these?"

I gave her an answer she taught me:  "Me?  Nobody told me there were orders that I had to do.  Bye!"

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