Saturday, February 1, 2014

Entry level nurse job

Some observations and questions from the new nurse I trained for two days:

---They just sit there on their phones?  That's allowed?  Why don't they have to do any work?

---That's not a patient?  How could that not be a patient?

---Why is this place not computerized?  I thought every hospital had to be electronic.

---I was warned that the men who work here will try to get me into bed.

---Why did eight people come up to me and ask me if I was on time to work, but that guy just walked in two hours late and the supervisor hugged and kissed him?

---Did she just take a three hour lunch?

---The phone just rings and rings and people sit next to it and don't answer it?

---The clerk yells at you for not filing?

---He just knocked the fax machine over and kept walking.

---I thought everyone starts at 7.  Why are we the only ones here?

---Why is everyone telling me what to do?

---I don't think she likes me.

Good Luck!


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    1. That is a big part of the problem. My resume is terrible. Pills, phones, filing. No skills. No accomplishments. I can't even use anyone at my current job as a reference because they either openly hate me or are loose cannons.

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