Monday, February 24, 2014

Lost in a book

There is an attendant who reads several books a week- at work.  The psych ward is noisy and chaotic.  I can't hear myself think, let alone concentrate long enough to write an entire sentence in a chart as I am interrupted every five seconds.  Yet this attendant sits along the wall, his nose buried in his book, while the noise and whirlwind around him swirl on, without him.  Nobody interrupts him because he has trained everyone to not interrupt him:  to get his attention, you have to call him several times, shake him, and then repeat yourself multiple times while he sits there with a smile on his face, repeating, "What is it that you are saying?"

It's hopeless.  His sister is the non-working clerk of another ward and her husband is a nursing supervisor.

Fifteen minutes before the end of his shift, he folds up his book and papers, tucks everything under his arm, and then saunters out the door, waving and saying, "Nice working with you!"

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