Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meeting Topic: Not you

I was sent to a meeting about policy.  This was a first.  Up for revision:  a patient nicked himself on a razor, so how can we modify the existing policy to prevent this from happening again?

My suggestion:  Stop buying cheap, single blade razors.  And, What does this have to do with policy?

I spent the rest of the meeting making notes (about my shopping lists).

Days later, an idiot nurse confronted me:  "Why did you tell everyone at the meeting that I do nothing and you do all of the work?"

I'm sick of this.  Really, really, really sick of it.  I answered, "I am offended that you listen to gossip and then come to me with it as if it's true."

Idiot couldn't follow this.  She persisted.  "So, did you say that or not?"

I responded, "Did you ask the gossiper if she was even in the meeting?"

Idiot still couldn't follow.  "No," she answered, "I am asking you directly.  Why did you say that about me when it's not true?"

While she was "asking" me why I badmouthed her, she was sitting at the desk, swinging her feet, while I was serving the lunch trays.  She then put the icing on the cake:  "You are not even paying attention to me.  I am asking you something, and you just keep on giving out trays and talking to the patients."

The only thing in my favor is that most of the attendants can't stand this nurse, either.

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