Sunday, March 16, 2014

Everything has a price

On my ward, there is no official manager.  Someone held the position, but she was out a lot and has not worked for months.  When she was at work, she couldn't be bothered with anything.  Now she has officially left- retired or quit- so a new manager is needed.  The job has not been advertised.

I thought about going for it.  The manager works as a floor nurse but has extra managerial tasks.  It comes with a pay raise of a few thousand.  I figured it's not worth the aggravation, especially since the staff despises me and nursingmanagement always sides with the other person.

Several doctors and social workers approached me and told me that they hope I become the new manager and that they would put in a good word for me.

Then someone from nursing administration reached out to me:  the Director of Nursing has already decided to deny me the position "because no one likes you."  She said that someone from the outside would be hired to fill the position.

This raises two points:  Employment is based on popularity (and I'm no winner in that arena) and the hospital has zero potential leaders in the pipeline.

A doctor approached me and told me that he had to defend me in a meeting about a problem on my unit because it happened when I was not on duty and the Director of Nursing was blaming me.

Another doctor approached me and said that the Director of Nursing is incompetent and the doctors are trying to get rid of her.

This is all interesting, but I don't see any of this working out in my favor any time soon.  Even if I got the manager position over the objections of the Director of Nursing, she and the other nursing administrators would make each day horrendous to punish me.  The staff on the ward is unmanageable.  They have no intention of ever doing any work or cooperating.

A friend of mine asked how this is not a hostile work environment, as admitted by administration- "No one likes you."  The staff sabotages me in lieu of performing work and administration sides with them every time with the excuse, "They don't like you and this is your fault, so these are the consequences."

Another nurse asked me who was running my ward and if I would get the position.  When I explained the "No one likes me" justification for my denial, she was worried.  She said that administration can't tell me that nobody I work with likes me and can continue to harass me until I win them over.  She said that they need to move me to another ward.

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