Saturday, March 1, 2014

Looking good on paper

One of the psychiatrists I work with told me he would help me get a job where he moonlights.  (Yes, all of the doctors have to work second jobs too.)  Ironically, it is where I applied online in December.  He said I need to fill out a paper application.

So I called the hospital and asked them to mail me an application.  Nope.  Applicants must come in.  My online application?  "Just a screen," was the explanation.  "Just a waste of my time in the hopeless job search," I thought.

Over the years, I have noticed that applications for employment must be filled out in person in front of someone.  When I was new to the healthcare industry, working as a secretary, I was one of the people doing the supervision.  I had to take notice if the applicant used a translator or a scribe.  These were Red Flags that the person did not speak English and/or was illiterate in some capacity.  Yet they were hired anyway . . .

You've read my writing.  I am literate in the English language.  Making smart employment decisions- not so skilled.

I hate applying for jobs.  It's a waste of my time and I rarely get a call back- nevermind an offer.  When I fill out the application on site, I have to bring with me any possible piece of information that could be requested on the application, such as references, schools, licenses and numbers, past employers, supervisors, phone numbers, and on and on.  Smart phones help tremendously now, but there is always some piece of information beyond my reach at that moment.

I hoped and wished the entire trip to the hospital that I would not have to fill out the application there.  Yeah!  I was allowed to take it with me, plus one "for a friend," and supposedly I can mail it back.  I see this place as great for per diem work- as long as the advertised high rate is what I actually get.  I think the regular, full-time salary is what I currently get, so I don't see the point of jumping from the pan into the fire.

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