Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reading the Nurse's Note

New nurse brought to my attention a note in a chart written by one of the night nurses.  "This is not how you are really supposed to write a note, right?" she asked.  I looked.

Wow.  An entire page about the nurse's interaction with the patient around 3 am.  "The doors upon which she arrived were shut.  This was done to keep her out, which I explained to her.  She twisted up against the doors, bobbing like a worm, whining like a seagull, to try to get through these doors, which I had already told her were locked and she cannot come through."

The rest of the page could be described as a sermon delivered by the nurse to the patient about accepting what she has been given, being thankful for her gifts as well as her struggles, needing to figure out why she had the struggles and how she could use her faith to find strength to overcome her difficulties.  The note concluded with a hug.

The note had no relevance to anything, except maybe to indicate that the patient did not sleep through the night.  And that this nurse is bonkers.  Nursing notes need to easily convey relevant information.

Yet people criticize my notes.

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