Sunday, March 2, 2014

Writing the Nurse's Note

A nurse chastised me for writing actual words spoken by patients, placed in quotation marks.  I write precious gems such as, "Patient periodically screams, 'Fuck you!' at passerby."  "When nurse explained purpose of the new medication, the patient responded, 'I'm not listening to you.  You are a cock-sucking whore.'  Patient then ran off before medication education was concluded."

The nurse said I should use wording such as "The patient cursed" or "The patient was verbally abusive."  I disagreed.  These are generalizations and conclusions that are not for the nurse writer to make; rather, the reader is to reach the conclusions set up by the writer.

I hate reading "verbally abusive."  That does not tell me what the patient did.  It tells me how the nurse felt, which is not relevant.  With the crowd I work with, it is very easy for them to feel abused by a sidewards glance, lack of enthusiasm to see them in the morning, not dropping everything and giving them your undivided attention.

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