Monday, April 7, 2014

Different setting, different behavior

Something interesting happened After Work.

I was in a local store, when who walks in- Dina.  As background, At Work she puts on a loud show for everyone, screaming profanities at me because I am after her boyfriend, or so she claims.

Now I wouldn't have really noticed Dina if she kept walking like a normal person.  As soon as she caught sight of me, she spun on her heel and dove into a paper towel display.  That was hard to miss and convinced me to go in closer to confirm that it was her.

I rounded the corner and found her upright, analyzing the price sign, all three words of it.  She read it over and over as I stood about ten feet from her.  I stayed about a minute and then approached.

She ran away!  Ran.  No screaming.  No allegations.  No cursing.

Wow.  Her behavior is quite different when she is not surrounded by her supporters.  That shows the level of bad behavior that the Hospital accepts from certain employees.  On some level, Dina must realize in some part of her little brain that her hissy fits over me are despicable behavior.

She's probably already texted boyfriend that I am following her.

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