Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New per diem position?

I finally landed an interview (during Open Interview Day) at a hospital that I applied to last year.  The human resources person told me on the spot that I was hired for per diem on the psych floor!

The two requirements seemed to be:  1- I am a nurse and 2- I am willing to work on the psych floor.

The rate of pay quoted to me was the same I had heard about and is DOUBLE my current rate at my full-time adventure.  I am a bit nervous right now because I called twice to schedule my testing and have not heard back from anyone.

I need this extra money for now to pay down my crippling student loan debt.  I figure that I can tolerate the place for a few years.  A better move would be to a higher-paying, less nasty full-time job, but in lieu of such an arrangement, this per diem gig will have to do.

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