Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scraping bottom

The amount of work performed by the staff has dwindled almost to nothing.

We'll start with the nurses.  Within the last year, half the nurses on my ward quit or retired.  They were not replaced.  Floaters fill in, usually a different one every day.  Their attitude, which is fully accepted by management, is that they are there to give out medication and that is all.  There is no follow-up, no notification to physicians if orders have expired, patients refused medication, orders are contradictory; nothing.  No notes.  Required forms are left mostly blank.

Who does the supervisor go after?  Me, because "You are the regular."  I don't know what to do.  I have tried:
"If another nurse failed to perform certain tasks, you need to speak to her.  I am not her boss, you are."
"I don't clean up behind other nurses."
None of these approaches work.  The volume of undone work and errors left by other shifts is daunting.  The response is, "You are always looking to blame people.  Just fix it and move on."  The problem is that certain people create these messes every time they "work."  I no longer have time to fix all of the errors from the prior shifts and still get to my work.

The orderlies:  They are done.  Literally.  Most have completed their required time on the job to retire with the old pension.  The problem is that the retirement age was pushed back five more years.  If they leave now, they collect nothing for five years.  So they are staying on "because we have to or they won't pay us."  They have informed me, "We aren't here because we want to be.  It's the president's or somebody's fault for saying that we have to work an extra five years.  Well, they ain't getting any extra work out of me.  That was not the deal.  I should be home now, collecting my pension."

They sit there, doing nothing.
Me:  "Ms Smith, please monitor the medication line."
Ms Smith:  "I didn't know that the medication line had to be monitored.  Nobody told me."
Me:  "I'm telling you now."
Ms Smith:  "You can't tell me what to do."
Me:  "Mr Thompson, please monitor the medication line."
Mr Thompson:  "I just did that two days ago.  You can't tell me to do the same thing so many times in one week.  You are supposed to look at all the assignments from the past month and divide up the assignments to make it fair.  That is how you are supposed to do things.  And you can't give me an assignment that you already gave to someone else just because she doesn't want to do it.  That is not right and you know it."

My supervisor from hell sides with the other person every single time.

I have had it.  I am done.

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