Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Self-defeating explosion

I was floated to another unit, which I hate, because I am always with at least one evil person from Hell on their turf.  This happened on Sunday.  It was overtime for me.  I chastise myself for needing the overtime and exposing myself to these poisonous people.  I ask myself why I didn't manage everything better so that I would not have to resort to this dreadful position.

Jess, a troublesome orderly, stormed in late, as usual.  She was screaming about a cop pulling her over.  "He gave me a ticket for speeding.  He gave me a ticket for driving this way.  He gave me a ticket for driving that way."  When she caught sight of me, she screamed, "Now this is truly the worse day of my life."  She ran to the desk phone and dialed.  "Tell the supervisor to get THIS WOMAN off MY ward.  I cannot work with such a rude and disrespectful person."  Keep in mind that Jess is an orderly and has no authority to tell the supervisor how to make the assignment.  In a normal hospital.  The setting of this story, however, is abnormal.

Jess disappeared after she hung up the phone.  I don't know if she officially left the ward or her shift for that day, or if she unofficially removed herself from working and returned at the end of the shift to punch out, or had someone do it for her.  It is a very real possibility that she left the building but was paid for the day as if she worked.  If anyone ever questions why she was not on the assignment roster, her defense will be that I hate her and left her off on purpose to make trouble for her.

The other nurse on the ward did not mention Jess, her outburst, or her whereabouts.  I know she and Jess have had run-ins.  I also know that I can't trust anyone.  I am glad that the drama created by Jess disappeared when she did and the other nurse did not waste my time or energy talking about it.

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