Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time to leave

I have the sign that I need to leave.

An orderly has filed a Sexual Harassment Complaint against me.  Me.  WTF?  This guy has been trying to get into my pants since I started working in this Snake Pit.  There's nothing attractive about him.  Nothing that would indicate that he's "my type" and that I would have any interest in him.

He set the stage over a month ago when he went to the supervisor over an assignment.  Over the last several weeks, I noticed that he asked other nurses to write extra things on his assignment that he claimed he did.  The nurse is not a minute-taker, writing every little task everyone does all day, but they indulged him and wrote ridiculous things such as, "Helped patient dial telephone" and "Held open door for lunch delivery."  The result, if you were to observe the daily assignment for all orderlies, was that this man was inundated with assignments, more than everyone else combined.  I knew something was UP.  I just didn't see this coming.

He alleges that because he rebuffed my sexual advances and refused to sleep with me, I am punishing him and abusing my authority, giving him a disproportionate amount of work.  [Not that he does any work anyway.]

This is such a transparent attempt by this sorry excuse of a human to try to get out of performing all work.  He has no problem taking me out of a job and possibly a license to accomplish his agenda.  He's not even trying to move up the corporate ladder.  He's trying to stay at the bottom rung and solidify his position that he has to do nothing to receive a paycheck.

He will not perform any work that "may bring him into contact with me."  To him, this means any and all work, so he does nothing.  I asked to be taken off the ward.  Management said no because "You are one of the only regular nurses left.  We can't send you somewhere else."  So I asked that he be sent somewhere else.  Management also said no because "It's his ward and you are the one doing something wrong, so it wouldn't be fair to make him move."

My union's response:  "We told you to be careful and you went and made another mess.  We can't fix everything."

I have yet to receive a copy of the complaint.  I'm hoping it's because the matter has been discarded, but it's probably because of their administrative blundering.

You may wonder what his proof is.  There isn't any, but that's not relevant.  From his viewpoint, as well as management's, I give him more work than everyone else, so a logical explanation is that I am a sex-crazed, vindictive maniac.  The "extra work" is something he created, and he has no proof of my sexual pursuits, but that will not matter in this situation.

I need to get out of there.

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