Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fired! (Not me)

Someone was fired!  And it wasn't me!

How does someone get fired?  I did not think it was possible at this hospital.  In the back of my mind I figured I would be the first person ever fired, and it would not be because of something I did wrong.  It would be for some made-up nonsense.

An attendant got fired.  She was not on my good list, but she did not rank on the highest tier of my enemies.  She may have been my enemy, but she was also an enemy of my enemies, if that makes sense.  She was part of the swing population.

Rumors swirled, but I went after the source.  We spoke on the phone.  She said that they had her on camera stealing from a patient and hitting another patient.  I told her that she knew where the cameras were and I asked her why she did this in front of the cameras.  (Not why she did this- it's her normal behavior.  Just why she was brazen enough to do it while being recorded.)  She said that she entered a patient's room to clean it (which is a ridiculous assertion- she never cleaned anything) and exited the room, which placed her in view of a camera, with garbage to be thrown out, but had to immediately go to another patient, so she stuck the garbage into her pocket to throw it out later.  In case this sounds strange, we don't throw anything out in the patient's room because the patient will retrieve it from the garbage.  I think that the accusation of stealing was defensible.

As for the second accusation, hitting the patient, it is not what you are thinking.  The involved patient is very violent and is not only constantly trying to hit other people, he also constantly grabs parts of female's bodies.  I myself have swatted him away and have seen other staff members and patients do the same to get him off them.  It's a natural human reaction to strike back when someone goes to hit you or grabs your breast.  He's a big, strong guy with no problem inflicting injury on others.  If this attendant really struck him on purpose to injure him, she would have been beaten into unconsciousness or death by him until other people could have pulled him off her.  That never happened.  My notes on this patient always include his hitting, punching, kicking, and grabbing of staff and patients.

This firing for hitting a patient places me and everyone else (well, the unfavored children) in jeopardy.  If she can be fired for hitting the patient, then I can be fired for witnessing it and not reporting it.  They may not get me on a commission of an act, but they can get me on an omission.

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