Monday, June 2, 2014

Backing Off, Part One

The regular garbage cans in the treatment room were replaced with biohazard containers.  Only medical waste is supposed to be placed into such receptacles.  This is a problem at the hospital because most employees don't notice where they throw garbage and because no regular trash receptacles were available.

The biohazard bags quickly filled and then overflowed onto the floor because nobody threw out the bags and replaced them.

I asked housekeeping to take care of the trash.

"I can't," was his response.  "You need to fill out a special form if you want them emptied.  But I can't take them anyway because they are filled with regular garbage, not medical waste."

This is ridiculous.  "I didn't fill out a form to have the regular trash containers replaced with medical waste containers.  Where are we supposed to put regular trash?"

"I don't know," was the response.  "I just know that I am not supposed to take out regular trash in a biohazard bag."

So the trash remains.  I no longer keep insisting that people perform work.  I end up in trouble for harassing people and my tone of voice.  I write down who I told and when.  If they choose to not perform their duties, that is on them.  When they complain that I told them to do work, I am the one who loses that battle.

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