Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Defend a Bad Review

Time for the annual reviews of the "support staff."

Another nurse completed one review- for the clerk.  The clerk was quite angry.

"Who the fuck are you to fuck with my money?  I don't give a fuck what you think of me.  You have no right to prevent me from getting a merit raise."

This went on all day.  As usual, she performed no work and disrupted the entire ward with her screaming.

She clearly has a fundamental misunderstanding of how one obtains a merit raise.

The raise is only a few hundred dollars, which most employees don't even attempt to earn.

Her excuse for the condition of the charts is so typical of this hospital:  "I know that the charts are falling apart.  First of all, that is not my job to fix them because I am not the one who writes in them.  Second, I thinned a chart once.  The doctor complained that I removed records that she needed and she told me to never touch the charts again.  So I am not even allowed to go into a chart to thin it or fix it.  Third, seven years ago I asked to be inserviced on how to correctly thin and repair a chart and TO DATE have yet to receive such an inservice.  So until you all sit me down and explain to me what it is you want me to do, you can't fuck with my money."

And she had to throw in:  "This is sexual harassment.  You all are racist.  You want me out of here because I am old.  You are discriminating against me because of my religion.  I'll file grievances against all of you."

It's like a scene out of a movie.  She does not realize how ridiculous she sounds.

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