Monday, June 23, 2014

Placing Blame where due

One of my fellow nurses is angry, loud, opinionated, judgmental, and pushy.  And she does no work, but that was a given, wasn't it?  We'll call her Fortune.  Over the weekend, she somehow came to the conclusion that she was not chosen for two open positions in the hospital, Ward Manager and Nurse who schedules Specialists.  She carried on for two whole days.

Concerning the Ward Manager position:
"I have seniority.  I'm incompetent to run this ward even though that is exactly what I have been doing for over a year now ever since that sorry excuse of a ward manager stopped coming to work.  "You are out too much," they said.  It's called AN ACCIDENT.  I did not mean to be out, but I had AN ACCIDENT.  That could happen to anybody, even a ward manager.  Even one of those people who pretend to run this hospital.  So they should not have jobs running this place because they could also be in AN ACCIDENT.  I am out sick a lot.  Yeah?  So?  I get sick like everyone else.  If I am not supposed to call out sick, then why do we have paid sick days?  Like they don't call out?  I'll file complaints against them for racism."

Then Fortune's focus shifted to me, once the racism theme popped into that scrambled brain of hers.

"And I'm filing a racism complaint against you," she snapped at me during one of her rants.

"Me?  I have nothing to do with you not getting a different position," I said, as if offering logic would help this screwball.

Fortune bickered, "I have it on good authority that last year, you went to the office and told them that I was late."

"You are late every day as far as I am aware," I answered back.  "If you punch in, then whoever reviews the punches can see that you are late.  I don't have to point this out to anyone."

Fortune then engulfed the scheduling position into her racism complaint against me.  She insisted that I was given the position of nurse scheduler and to add insult to injury, I did not tell her and was now lying that I did not know that I was given the job.  "You went ahead and applied for that position with no regard for my child.  You know I can't find anyone to watch him and so I really needed a position with no weekends.  You know that they'll give you the job over me because you are all so racist.  Now who is going to watch my child on the weekends?  You?  No, of course not, because you are too selfish and only look out for yourself."

One of the patients who listened to her all weekend pointed out one flaw in Fortune's argument.  Fortune was not thinking of her child when she applied for the Ward Manager position because she would also have to work weekends with that position.  Another pointed out that Fortune had worked at the hospital for years before she gave birth, so she knew in advance that the job required weekends.

Fortune has so much hostility for me that she readily releases it onto me when she gets herself worked up.

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