Thursday, June 12, 2014

Telephonic Job Interview

I had a phone interview for a job at an accounting firm!  The ad was for an administrative assistant and specified that a NURSE or "someone with a medical background" was preferred.

The person who interviewed me said that they do a lot of financial management for nursing homes and doctors.  They were looking for someone who had a knowledge of medical terminology.  The man explained that he would "love" to have a nurse because "nurses are smarter than your average secretary."

The salary:  $12 an hour.

I told him I couldn't work for so little.

He sounded as if this was such a great opportunity for me to learn accounting and that any money paid for learning just made the deal sweeter.

No thank you.  I told him that nurses make more money that what he was offering, so his chances of getting a nurse to work for him on that salary were almost nil.

I'm glad I was able to do the interview on the phone.  I didn't have to get dressed up and waste gas traveling.  Is my current job the best I will ever find?

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