Friday, July 4, 2014

Actions and Consequences

The Director of Nursing called me into her office (not the first time) and told me that I got the job as the Nurse who schedules Specialists!  Don't cheer yet.  She qualified her statement with, "You will transfer to the other department when we find a replacement for you on the floor."

Finding a replacement for me might never happen, as only two part-time nurses have been hired after I started, in spite of many nurses leaving.

The Director of Nursing also told me who was selected as the new Ward Manager.  We'll call her Adrienne.  I have not written about her.  I have not worked much with her.  She messes up everything and blames other people when confronted.  She hides with earbuds in her ears and either pretends or really doesn't hear people calling out to her.

If this is who management thinks is qualified to run a ward, then they truly are deranged people with no sense in their heads.

I happily told my staff that Adrienne was their new supervisor and that I was being transferred.  The look on their faces was priceless.

"She is terrible!" they blurted.  "You would have been so much better!  This ward will fall apart if you leave!"

I smiled.  Karma.  "We don't work well together.  You tell me every day.  Several of you have even walked off the job, unable to stay on the same ward as me.  You have told our supervisors, the Director of Nursing, even the director of the entire hospital, how bad I am to work with.  You have filed complaints against me through your union reps."  The staff stood there, trying to counter.  "In selecting a ward manager, administration must consider whether or not the nurse works well with the staff.  Clearly, we do not work well together, so administration could not possibly put me in charge of the ward."

"But Adrienne is an idiot!" someone blurted.

"Be that as it may," I continued, "I have to be removed and a new nurse installed as the unit manager to provide better care for the patients."

"But Adrienne won't go near a patient!  You are the only nurse who actually goes on the floor and helps patients," some people protested.

To which I replied, "If only you had told that to administration.  Instead, you told them only negative observations about me.  This is the result."

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