Friday, July 4, 2014

Avoiding stress at work

I no longer bother with one of the night nurses.  (The one who went home barefoot and then called the ward, looking for her shoes.)  She doesn't do what she is supposed to do and the little she does is so messed up that you end up not wanting her to touch anything.  Other people feel the same way about a lot of the employees at this hospital, which is why they end up coming to me for everything and I resent it and say nasty things.

This night nurse came to me, quite pleased with herself, because she could not understand an entire page of new orders and had concluded that the doctor must have made a mistake and she "caught it."  She explained that the doctor had rewritten the same orders multiple times.  This nurse was wrong.  She paid no attention to the doses.  The doctor had placed the patient on low doses in the morning and higher doses at bedtime, which is common with medications that can induce sleepiness.

My explanation went right over her head.  I decided to confirm what a waste of a paycheck she is by asking, "So did the nurse who took off the order correctly transcribe it onto the patient's medication administration sheet?"

Blank stare.  "How would I know?" she smiled at me, as if I am the weird one.

"Because you signed off on the 24 hour check," I countered and pointed to her signature below the signature of the transcribing nurse.

"Let me explain something to you," she said lightly, "I have been doing this a lot longer than you have, so let me share my wisdom with you."

I poised as if interested, which I was, purely for the entertainment value to share later with all of you.

"I do not check.  It is less stressful.  If you check on things, this takes up your time.  If you find that something is wrong, then you become stressed.  You might try to fix the problem, which is stressful.  So I let other people deal with that.  And see?  Here I am, smiling, happy to have worked.  Now I am going home to sleep and will come in tonight and have no stress."

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